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Learn about yeast and other types of vaginal infections

Yeast Infections

About 75% of women will experience at least one vaginal yeast infection in their lifetime and almost half will have repeat yeast infections.1 It’s no wonder the problem occurs so often when any compromise to the immune system, any hormonal change or pH imbalance in a woman’s body, can be the cause.1

Common triggers of yeast infections include stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, illness, use of antibiotics, birth control pills or estrogen therapy, wearing restrictive clothing in the crotch area, pregnancy and menstruation.1

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

Although the prevalence of yeast infections is quite high, bacterial vaginosis is the most common cause of vaginal symptoms among women of childbearing age. In the United States alone, 21.2 million women between the ages of 14-49 experience BV, however only 84% experience symptoms while they are infected.1 It’s important to seek treatment for BV because it can increase your chance of getting HIV if you have sex with someone who is infected with HIV, increase your chances of passing HIV if you are already HIV positive, make you more likely to deliver your baby too early, and increase your chances of getting other STDs.1

Further, although the cause of BV is not known, it has been linked to an imbalance of the “good” and “harmful” bacteria that are normally found in a woman’s vagina. Unlike yeast infections, it’s unclear what triggers BV; but not having sex, limiting the number of sex partners and not douching can help lower your risk for developing the condition.1

AZO Yeast® Plus helps relieve symptoms associated with vaginal and yeast infections.* Please visit a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment, as lack of appropriate treatment of vaginal infections can lead to serious complications.

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Helps inhibit the progression of infection until you see a health care professional. AZO is not intended to replace medical care.

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