Cleanse, Flush and Protect the Urinary Tract*

Helps FLUSH the Urinary Tract to maintain cleanliness*

Clinical Strength Solution for Urinary Health*

Helps CLEANSE & PROTECT the Urinary Tract from bacteria adhesion*

Drug-Free Solution to Help Maintain Urinary Health*

How it Works

If you have experienced urinary issues, you know how much better you can feel with a healthy urinary tract. What you may not know is that bacteria can be a major cause of those urinary issues.

How can I cleanse my urinary tract?
Cleanse with AZO D-Mannose
What can help flush bad bacteria from my urinary tract?
Flush with AZO D-Mannose
What's a clinical strength, but drug-free way to help protect my urinary tract?
Protect with AZO D-Mannose

Product Benefits

  • AZO D-Mannose is a daily approach to help flush your urinary tract and protect it from bacteria adhesion.*
  • D-mannose is a drug free ingredient that is naturally found in small amounts in many fruits, such as oranges, apples & peaches.
  • AZO D-Mannose offers a clinical strength serving that provides daily support of your urinary tract.*
  • These convenient, easy to swallow capsules are specifically formulated to help maintain a healthy urinary tract.*
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5 Stars

Good Quality Supplement

“I am impressed with the excellent quality ingredients and overall experience that I have had after using this product. AZO D-Mannose is a great supplement. The capsules are easy to swallow. They really do help me to feel confident about my urinary health” –Becca

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