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3 Ways to Help Ease the Burn of a Urinary Tract Infection by Dr. Mike Roizen^

3 Ways to Help Ease the Burn of a Urinary Tract Infection by Dr. Mike Roizen^

The material provided below is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the diagnosis or treatment by a qualified healthcare professional. You should always seek medical advice before consuming any new medicines or supplements. AZO products referenced on this website are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease such as overactive bladder, urinary tract infections, or vaginal infections.

Over 50 percent of all women will experience at least one UTI during their lifetime, with 20­–30 percent experiencing recurrent UTIs.1 While women are more likely to develop UTIs than men due to their anatomy (i.e. the shorter length of a women’s urethra and its proximity to the anus), it is more common for men to develop a UTI than one might expect. Regardless, the symptoms associated with UTIs can be unbearable for men and women alike.

If you think you have a UTI, it’s important to contact a healthcare professional immediately as antibiotics are the only way to cure a urinary tract infection. But while you wait for your antibiotics to kick in, here are three ways to help ease the pain and burning of your UTI.

1. Use the Bathroom Frequently

Drink lots of water. Diluted urine—which is urine that is primarily water rather than containing other minerals and substances in higher concentration—is associated with less burning pain on urination.

2. Avoid bladder-irritants like coffee and alcohol

These irritants increase pain sensation of an already-irritated urethra.

3. Try AZO Urinary Pain Relief® Maximum Strength while you’re waiting for antibiotics to kick in

AZO Urinary Pain Relief® Maximum Strength contains Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride, the #1 ingredient prescribed by doctors and recommended by pharmacists specifically for urinary discomfort. It does NOT cure UTIs but provides fast, temporary relief from pain, burning and urgency due to a UTI.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if these are helpful at ageprooflife@gmail.com.

About Dr. Roizen

Dr. Mike Roizen MD, a paid spokesperson for AZO®, is the first Chief Wellness Officer at any major health care institution. He is a professor at the Cleveland Clinic Learner College of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University. He founded RealAge (RealAge.com), co-invented a drug now approved by the FDA, helped start 12 other companies and co-authored nine books on health including four NY Times #1 bestsellers on health. He also has chaired an FDA advisory committee and was an editor for six medical journals.

^ Dr. Mike Roizen is a paid spokesperson for AZO®.



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