AZO Dual Protection Urinary + Vaginal Support

A unique prebiotic & probiotic blend made specifically to support a healthy feminine microbiome.*

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AZO Dual Protection is designed to help restore your bacterial balance to support urinary and vaginal health.* It starts working within 24 HOURS!

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Your feminine microbiome is more than just your vagina…it also includes your urinary tract.  Everyday things like stress, your cycle, sex and certain medications like antibiotics or the pill can disrupt the balance of your feminine microbiome. When this happens unfriendly bacteria can flourish, which can lead to both urinary and vaginal issues. 

AZO Dual Protection™ is formulated to holistically supports your feminine microbiome with a unique prebiotic plus Intelliflora™, a probiotic for women.* The first of its kind Feminine Health prebiotic helps guard the urinary tract and fight unfriendly bacteria.*  It also supports the growth of Intelliflora™, a clinically proven probiotic that restores the balance of good bacteria and yeast to support a healthy vagina.* This synergistic blend provides extra protection from the common cycle of urinary and vaginal issues many women face.*  

Trust AZO Dual Protection™ to help maintain your natural defenses and support a healthy feminine microbiome* – the foundation for women’s wellness.