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AZO Bladder Control® & Weight Management

Bladder control support in two ways.*

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Product Description

If you’re like so many women, over the years a couple pounds here and there have crept up on you. But, did you know that this extra weight can play a part in loss of bladder control?^ Weight puts pressure on the bladder, sometimes leading to occasional leakage and urgency. 

Take control with AZO Bladder Control® & Weight Management, a drug-free and caffeine-free daily supplement that works around the clock.* It’s naturally-sourced ingredients safely help reduce your urge to go to the bathroom and help manage your weight.

Each capsule of AZO Bladder Control® & Weight Management helps support your bladder control in two ways:  

  1. 300 mg of Go-Less® with pumpkin seed extract and soy germ extracts supports bladder health to help control the need to go to the bathroom and reduce occasional urgency.*
  2. 150 mg Clinically-studied Synetrim® CQ from the Cissus quadrangularis plant supports serotonin balance to help promote metabolic health to support healthy weight management.*

For day and night bathroom support, turn to AZO Bladder Control® & Weight Management, the safe and effective way to maintain bladder control from the inside out.* If you’re looking for the bladder support of AZO Bladder® Control & Weight Management, without the additional focus on weight management, AZO Bladder Control® With Go-Less® might be a better fit.

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