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Yeast & bacteria overgrowth happens, but you can keep it in check.

Vaginal health is often over-looked but is such an important part of overall health. Most women don’t even think about it until there is an issue…but when there is an issue, it can sideline everything else. The good news is, you don’t need harsh cleansers that strip away protective bacteria or specialty wipes to keep your vagina healthy. AZO has products to keep bacteria & yeast in proper balance by working with the vaginal microbiome – the command center for vaginal health. AZO offer probiotics, prebiotics and more to help keep your vaginal health in check everyday. Because Yeast does not have to equal YUCK. But we know that sometimes yeast overgrowth DOES happen, so we are here for you then as well.


AZO Boric Acid


AZO Boric Acid vaginal suppositories help you to take control of odor and promote vaginal pH Plus aloe vera.

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Vaginal Yeast

AZO Yeast® Plus


Relieves the burning, itching, occasional discharge and odor that come with a yeast or vaginal infection‡‡

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Vaginal Probiotic

AZO Complete Feminine BalanceTM Daily Probiotic for Women


Restores the natural balance of good bacteria & yeast in the vagina*

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Vaginal Probiotic

AZO Dual Protection™ Urinary + Vaginal Support


A unique prebiotic & probiotic blend made specifically to support a healthy feminine microbiome.*

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