These Pumpkins Aren’t Just for Carving

AZO helps you “squash” your occasional bladder control issues!*

See what we did there? OK, bad puns aside, pumpkins are good for more than just Jack-O-Lanterns. Naturally-sourced pumpkin seed extract helps many people address their bladder control issues. Pumpkins, you ask? For bladder control? OK—let’s start at the beginning.

So Now I Have to Control My Bladder?

Regular bathroom trips throughout the day are perfectly natural, but occasional urgency issues can put a damper on your social life, your daily schedule and even your sleep schedule. What’s normal? The average bladder can hold about 600ml (2.5 cups) of fluid, but it starts signaling that it needs to be emptied at about 300ml (just under 3/4 cup). Most people need to empty their bladder 4–8 times a day (about 1000–1500ml, or 4–6.5 cups), and no more than twice at night.1 

That’s a lot of math. But basically, if you find your bladder running your day—or your night—it’s clear: your bladder’s controlling you. 

Obviously, there can be a lot of contributing factors and if you have concerns about them or about medications you’re taking or the possibility of infection, you should consult a physician. But you should also know about the importance of diet, regular exercise (including exercises which specifically target your pelvic floor) and the advantages of the safe, naturally-sourced ingredients found in AZO Bladder Control® with Go-Less® to help you maintain control.* 

So…Pumpkins? Really?

Yes, really! Specifically, pumpkin seed extract. If you think of the bladder like a balloon, the “detrusor” would be the muscle that squeezes the air out, while the “sphincter” would be the muscle that keeps it closed. Pumpkin seed extract helps maintain the tone of the detrusor and the sphincter, thus supporting normal function.* And AZO Bladder Control® also contains soy germ extract which helps support the bladder and pelvic floor muscles as well.* 

AZO’s unique Go-Less® blend is formulated with safe, naturally-sourced ingredients in addition to pumpkin seed and soy germ to help reduce the occasional frequent urgency and support overall bladder strength.* So you can get back—back to your meeting, back to your kid’s recital, back to dinner with your friends or even just…back to sleep. Most importantly, it can help you get back in control.

It’s Your Call.