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5 Tips to Help You Stop Letting Your Bladder Get the Best of You

Dr. Alyssa Dweck^ 

5 Tips to Help You Stop Letting Your Bladder Get the Best of You

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If you’re one of the millions of women who deal with occasional bladder leakage, you’re in good company. A good belly laugh, an unexpected cough or sneeze, or a gym work out can cause an accidental loss of urine and embarrassment. In part, this propensity may have a genetic component. Women who have had vaginal deliveries, and those who are overweight, are also particularly prone to occasional loss of bladder control. While not dangerous, this scenario can be a nuisance. It can interfere with day-to-day life, inhibit a good night’s sleep and can cause stress and even shame.

Here’s the good news: occasional light bladder leakage and urgency are manageable with some simple lifestyle modifications. 

Below are five tips to help you be proactive about your bladder health

1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

A healthy BMI (body mass index) will help prevent urgency and occasional bladder leakage. The heavier you are, the more weight presses on the bladder and the more likely to cause bladder control issues. 

2. Make Thoughtful Dietary Choices

Certain foods and beverages can be bladder irritants and impact bladder control. Caffeine is a well-known suspect prompting the urge to go. Alcohol similarly increases this urge. Other common culprits include chocolate, spicy and acidic foods. 

3. Urinate on the Clock

Avoid “holding it in” for hours on end, a common practice of so many busy women on the go. Make time for bathroom breaks. Holding the urine can distend the bladder, increase the chance of infection and frankly, is just plain uncomfortable. Consider timed urination on the clock, every two hours while you’re awake. 

4. Exercise Your Pelvic Floor

Try performing regular Kegel exercises. In a nutshell, tighten your pelvic muscles as if you are holding in a urinary stream, hold the pose for 10 seconds and repeat throughout the day. These pelvic muscle training activities can be done anytime and anywhere and can help improve the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and aid with bladder control. Fun fact: they may also enhance intimacy.

5. Take a Daily Bladder Control Supplement Like AZO Bladder Control® with Go-Less®

Try a daily regimen of AZO Bladder Control® with Go-Less®. Made from safe, naturally-sourced pumpkin seed and soy germ extracts, this over the counter daily supplement helps tone your bladder muscles and pelvic floor helping to support bladder control and reduce occasional bladder leakage*

Occasional urgency and occasional bladder leakage don’t have to slow down your day. Be the boss of your bladder.


Dr. Alyssa Dweck^ is a practicing OB-GYN in Westchester County, N.Y. She has been voted Top Doctor in New York Magazine and Westchester County. She is proficient in gynecologic surgery, has expertise in female sexual health and provides gynecologic care to women of all ages. Dr. Dweck has co-authored three books, including “The Complete A to Z for Your V: A Women's Guide to Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Vagina—Health, Pleasure, Hormones, and More,” which tells women of all ages what they need to know about their own unique health.

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