Be Thankful: Yoga Can Help Bladder Control Issues

As the holiday rush begins to kick into gear, it’s important to maintain a sense of ease throughout the chaos. This may seem difficult, especially when you’re already dealing with the stress of occasional bladder control issues. A changing pelvic floor could be contributing to your occasional bladder control issues,1 but the good thing is, there are yoga poses that can help maintain pelvic floor muscles and thus may help reduce occasional urinary urgency.1 So grab your mats and let’s begin!


This yoga pose helps to align the pelvic region, and focus on strength and stabilization.2 Stand straight up with your feet together and firmly planted on the ground, making sure your knees and ankles touch. Slightly tuck your tailbone under, pulling your belly button in, and begin to slowly bend your knees in a sitting down motion. Be mindful to align your spine and torso so the center of your head is in line with your pelvic floor, and gradually raise your arms up with palms facing each other. This means your head should not be too far forward, backwards or leaning to the side; instead, it is held in a neutral position to allow for better posture. Hold for several breaths, then exhale and bend to a forward fold by touching your toes.


This yoga pose works on pelvic floor contractions to help with strength and control.1 Lie on the floor with your legs and buttocks flush against a wall in an L shape. Place your hands on the lower belly, spread your legs and inhale while relaxing the lower abs along with the pelvic floor. On your exhale, close your legs and contract the abdominal wall while lifting the pelvic floor. Finish the exhale with your knees squeezed together. Repeat this exercise nine more times.


This yoga pose increases circulation, which benefits the bladder.Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you. Place your feet together sole-to-sole and with a straight back, grab onto both big toes with your first and third fingers. Pull your feet as close as the perineum as possible and sit up fully erect—hold for one to three minutes. This yoga pose looks like the butterfly stretch, but remember to keep the outside of your legs touching the ground.

Practicing yoga on a daily basis can help improve breath and help maintain pelvic muscles, which may help with occasional bladder control issues. This can lead to accomplishing your goal to eliminate frustration in your mind, body and soul. Now, that’s something to be thankful for.