Spring 101: From Sun Block to UTI Symptoms

Well, what do you know; we’ve finally made it to spring. Out with the old, in with the new, and as always, AZO’s here to make sure you never miss a beat. Let’s welcome spring with a fun and flirty infographic full of all the spring essentials you need, including a little info to get you through UTI season. So take a look, and let’s get down to business.

Let’s start with the most important; maintaining your urinary tract health


French researchers have found that when the weather gets warmer, occurrences of a UTI increase.1 Sacrebleu!So maintain a healthy urinary tract with cranberry! Studies show cranberries have anti-adhesive properties, which helps prevent bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract and multiplying.2 AZO has a whole line of cranberry products that help maintain urinary health, and one serving of AZO Cranberry equals one glass of cranberry juice.††*

Let’s chat in particular about the newest addition to the AZO Cranberry family, AZO Cranberry Gummies. For those who don’t like swallowing pills, choose the chewy mixed berry flavored gummies to help maintain a healthy urinary tract*—perfect for those who would rather avoid the tart taste of cranberry juice. AZO Cranberry Gummies are a delicious spin on urinary tract health, with both less sugar and less than one quarter of the calories in traditional cranberry juice.††††*


Fight Frizz, Our Number Two Nemesis Behind UTIs

Warmer weather means warmer air, which means that springtime is a time of increased humidity and our arch-nemesis: hair frizz. Take control of the heat this year, ladies.

Beat The Heat With Sun Block

Be bright, but don’t burn. Yes, 94 percent of y’all know that prolonged exposure to the sun can cause skin spots and cancer, but only 20 percent of Americans wear sunscreen daily, come on ladies!3

Keep Your Lashes Lush During Breakup Season

It’s breakup season, so make sure your mascara doesn’t run. Facebook researchers discovered that more relationships end from May to July, and if it’s on Facebook, you know it’s true!

April Showers, Extended! Grab The Umbrella

Ladies, every rose has its thorn, and with warm weather comes rain. Spring is the rainiest season across the Northern Hemisphere, having more days with precipitation than any other season.

Sneezy Was Our Least Favorite Dwarf, Pass The Tissues

One in five people have allergies or asthma. If you’re lucky enough not to be one of them, be nice and hand that sneezer a tissue.

Grab Your Kicks

Trade the treadmill for a park path. Studies show that exercising outdoors elevates mood, making you more energetic and less tense than when exercising indoors.

Swiffer® Your Way To A Cleaner Life

Looks like you’re ditching more than your significant other this season. 82 percent of 18–29 year-olds use springtime as reason to clean.

Be a Bronzer Babe

91 percent of men find women with naturally sun-kissed skin the sexiest.4 We don’t care what guys think to feel sexy, but it’s still fun to look tan for the selfies. Don’t have the time or the sunscreen time to wait for that natural glow? A good bronzer will do the trick. Get ‘em, girl.

So here’s to freshening up on the inside AND the outside. Because springtime babes like you have one thing in common—you know it’s as important to look great, as it is to feel great.

††††AZO Cranberry Gummies only contain 15 calories and 2 grams of sugar per serving while a 10 oz. glass of cranberry cocktail juice contains 137 calories and 35 grams of sugar.
Swiffer® is a trademark of The Proctor & Gamble Company