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Vaginal Balance in the Bathroom

by Dr. Alyssa Dweck^

Vaginal Balance in the Bathroom

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Who knew the bathroom was such a danger zone? Of course, I’m referring to what can disrupt your vaginal pH. You see, the vagina has the incredible capacity to maintain an acidic environment, with a pH of 3.8–4.5. This delicate balance is made possible by lactobacilli, “good bacteria” that produce lactic acid and keep everything in check. When the vaginal pH goes awry, infection due to yeast overgrowth or bacterial imbalance can occur. 

Surprising to some, the normal vaginal microbiome can be easily disturbed by commonly used items, typically stocked in your medicine cabinets.  

Here are some tips to avoid disturbing that healthy vaginal balance and keeping vaginal pH levels in check.

About Douching

While this is a common habit passed down from older generations, douching can disrupt the normal vaginal flora and lead to signs and symptoms of infection.

Go for Un-Scented Soaps 

Heavily scented washes, wipes, bath bombs and detergents can disrupt the delicately balanced ecosystem of a healthy vagina. Opt for a hypoallergenic product instead. As they say, less is more when it comes to ingredients.

Use Caution When Choosing Tampons and Pads 

Fragrant menstrual products are a no-no for those trying to keep the vaginal pH in balance. Also, as a rule of thumb, ensure you use the least absorbent product appropriate for your flow.

Mind Your Medications

Some hormonal contraception and certain antibiotics are the usual suspects in this case. The vagina is quite sensitive to these meds; yeast and bacterial infections may occur with use. 

Be Proactive in Your Vaginal Health

I recommend AZO Complete Feminine Balance®, which works naturally with women’s bodies to help maintain their vaginal health by balancing the vaginal pH and replenishing good bacteria.*

It’s clear; there’s more to what can affect your vaginal pH balance than you think. Good habits might just start in your bathroom. 


Dr. Alyssa Dweck^ is a practicing OB-GYN in Westchester County, N.Y. She has been voted Top Doctor in New York Magazine and Westchester County. She is proficient in gynecologic surgery, has expertise in female sexual health and provides gynecologic care to women of all ages. Dr. Dweck has co-authored three books, including The Complete A to Z for Your V: A Women's Guide to Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Vagina—Health, Pleasure, Hormones, and More, which tells women of all ages what they need to know about their own unique health.

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