Considering A Vaginal Probiotic?

Introducing AZO Complete Feminine Balance® Daily Probiotic

The vagina is meant to be a self-cleaning machine, and when in balance, your vaginal microbiome serves as your vagina’s own private defense.


Just like your gut, the vagina has a microbiome that is made up of trillions of microorganisms like yeast and colonies of healthy bacteria, which work hard to create an acidic environment that makes is difficult for unfriendly bacteria to thrive. A healthy acidic vagina should have a pH balance between 3.5 and 4.5.1

But sometimes our everyday lifestyle habits, both controllable and uncontrollable can throw off our vaginal pH balance.


  1. Stress: Stress can lower your immune response which can cause changes in vaginal pH and increase the likelihood of infection
  2. High sugar diets: Yeast THRIVE on sugar—and an overgrowth of yeast can cause a yeast infection
  3. Perfumed vaginal washes: Chemical-laden perfumes and washes can affect the healthy balance of bacteria and pH levels. Stick to unscented soaps and warm water and gently wash the area around your vagina (the vagina will clean itself inside your body with natural secretions)
  4. Pregnancy: Pregnancy comes with hormone changes which may affect your pH balance
  5. Tight clothing: Tight clothes trap heat and moisture, providing a perfect home for non-beneficial bacteria to flourish
  6. Sex: Semen (which is alkaline) and lubricants containing petroleum or parabens can mess with your vaginal balance
  7. Medications: Certain medications can kill all bacteria, the good and bad, which can throw your vaginal microbiome off balance
  8. Thongs: Thongs make it easier to transfer fecal bacteria (like E. coli) to the vagina
  9. Periods: As if they aren’t bad enough, hormone changes during your period as well as the fact that menstrual blood is alkaline can make you prone to vaginal imbalance


Understandably, some of these habits are easier to change than others. While you can’t really stop your period, you can make other lifestyle changes to help maintain your vaginal health—such as eating less sugar, using unscented soaps and/or wearing loose-fitting, cotton underwear.

You can also introduce a daily probiotic like AZO Complete Feminine Balance®, clinically proven to help restore and maintain the balance of good bacteria and yeast* and help maintain a healthy vaginal pH.* It contains the power of INTELLIFLORA™ the only clinically proven blend with the four most dominant species of lactobacilli found in healthy women.*

Making these simple lifestyle changes and adding AZO Complete Feminine Balance® Daily Probiotic to your routine can help you keep your vaginal microbiome in a happy balance.