8 Steps to Good Vaginal Health

You’re doing everything right: careful diet, regular exercise, getting plenty of rest. You’re someone who takes care of yourself. But when it comes to vaginal health, many women think it’s out of their control—that’s a big mistake. In fact, there’s a lot you can do to maintain a healthy vaginal environment, which can help protect against vaginal issues. In the same way that good oral hygiene is an important part of maintaining your overall health,1 a healthy vaginal environment helps you to be the best possible you. Here’s a list of 8 things you can do to improve your vaginal health.

  1. You can support your body’s natural restorative processes by avoiding harsh soaps and perfumed cleansers.2
  2. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing for extended periods of time. It’s fine to enjoy a tight-fitting bikini or sleek pair of leggings, but don’t spend all day and night in them.
  3. Choose loose, breathable sleepwear. Skip synthetic fabrics in favor of cotton. And don’t be afraid to even “go commando.”
  4. Opt for cotton underwear, white if possible, as dyes can contain industrial chemicals. Always remember to wash all new undergarments before wearing, without using harsh, heavily scented detergents or fabric softeners on them (again, to avoid chemicals).3
  5. Limit your sugar intake to keep a balanced vaginal pH.
  6. Opt for unscented tampons and sanitary napkins, and be sure to change them regularly to avoid trapping moisture.
  7. Practice safe sex, which means either using condoms or maintaining relations with a single partner who has been tested and confirmed free from any sexually transmitted infections.5
  8. See your gynecologist regularly for check-ups. In addition to your annual visit, make sure to call for an appointment whenever you’re having symptoms that seem out of the ordinary.

Women today have unlimited options in what kind of life they want to live. It’s their choice to make. Choose good vaginal health!