AZO MENTM Bladder Control with Go-Less® MEN

Support healthy bladder control: Less Urgency.* More Sleep.* Designed for Men.

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Daily bladder support designed specifically for men*: AZO MenTM Bladder Control helps maintain healthy bladder control and reduce occasional urgency, including at night.* Go less, and get more sleep.*

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Frustrated by waking up in the middle of the night with the urge to go to the bathroom? Is it impacting the quality of your sleep? Or your partner’s sleep?   Or even though you just went, you feel the urge to go again?  Try new AZO MenTM Bladder Control, the supplement designed to help men maintain healthy bladder control and reduce that occasional urgency.* That means less waking up at night with that urge to go, and a more restful night’s sleep!* Plus it can help support your normal, healthy flow .* It contains clinical strength Go-Less® Men sourced from pumpkin seed extract and comes in a convenient 1 capsule a day serving. This unique formula is designed specifically for men and has been shown to support urinary, bladder and prostate health.* 

You may start to notice a difference in as little as four weeks. No two people are alike, so be sure to take one capsule a day to realize the full benefits.